Since its inception, Telesat has grown in the field of telecommunications implementing solutions for data transmission and Internet access based on VSAT, WLL, WLAN and VoIP technologies that fall under the overall strategy of development of telecommunications in Côte d'Ivoire.

This strategy, based on a partnership with national and international operators is designed in a sub-regional perspective, given the key role played by the Côte d'Ivoire in particular, with respect, the ripple effect of the economy on neighboring countries. To carry out its mission and provide quality service to its customers, Telesat has established a qualified and competent staff


Telesat (Satellite Telecommunications and Multimedia) is a Limited Liability Company (Ltd.) of Ivorian law. Created on May 1st, 2001 Telesat is a company providing services in Telecommunication and Internet provider using the Wireless local loop as a transmission medium and VSAT. She specializes in value-added services derived from the Internet as IP telephony, application development of statistical software and database management. It is located in Cocody.


Become a Leader

Become Leader and innovator in the convergence of technologies integrating voice, data and video to local networks and extended enterprises

Effective support

Providing economic, industrial and financial effective support operators to convey critical information in a completely secure environment.

Economic growth

Support therefore the growth generated by the private sector, a key factor in the overall growth of Strengthen the sub region

The economy

Contribute to the consolidation of sub-regional integration in technology in Telecommunications, Multimedia and Internet.